Timesheet and Overtime

iNetTime automates the submittal and approvals processes.  Once the timesheet is submitted, the system performs preflight checks: 

  • Missing Time: The system checks for missing time (by day or by week).
  • Make Up Rules: Enforces make up rules are properly applied (per day, week, month or pay period).
  • Overtime Mapping: Ensures overtime is properly allocated for approval.
  • HR/Payroll:  Reviews only approved timesheets and processes them for payroll and billing.

Time Off

When a time off request is made: 

  • Accruals: The system calculates the employee’s future balances by taking into account future accruals and other requests to ensure the user will have the hours available.
  • Holidays: The system will calculate the correct number of hours skipping holidays and weekends.

Once the request is submitted: 

  • Managers/Approvers:  Receive the time off request
  • Attorneys/cc:  Optionally, attorneys or other staff can be sent an FYI copy of the request

Once approved:

  • Managers and user can receive an email the request was approved
  • An entry is made in the firm wide and department calendars

Other Workflows

Other paper-based processes that can be automated with electronic workflows:

  • Time Change Request (used for clock in/clock out)
  • Overtime Approval
  • Missed Meal Break Permission/Waiver
  • Make Up Time Requests

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