Client Testimonials

We selected iNetTime because it is law firm specific and handles California Labor Law issues in addition to supporting make up time. It also works well in multiple offices with different time keeping styles (e.g. one office may calculate overtime daily and others may calculate overtime on a weekly basis). It is browser-based and it works with our payroll system.

We are very happy with iNetTime which has greatly reduced the number of hours it takes our Human Resources and Accounting Departments to produce payroll. We also like that it provides up to the minute leave balances and an online time-off history for our employees. It has improved our internal workflow processes because they are now fully electronic.

We have received excellent white glove customer service and support from iNetTime.

Mark Stanley
IT Director
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
Washington DC

iNetTime was the only Time and Attendance provider that offered the extreme flexibility we needed for our firm's complicated time off policies and multiple employee roles and schedules. No other software program we researched came close to understanding the unique needs of a law firm or being able to configure the rules needed to effectively manage the "what ifs" we experience on a daily basis with our professional support staff.

We have been very happy with our selection of iNetTime.

We had experienced rapid growth from one central location to 8 offices in 5 states and continue to grow in order to meet our clients' needs.  Our biggest need was tracking work hours and applying consistent attendance rules across all locations.  We also needed to integrate time and attendance tracking with payroll and provide up-to-date information to our employees in a user-friendly, self-service environment.  iNetTime has allowed us to meet these goals and improve workflow. 

Vijay and Tyche were focused on our needs, very attentive and dedicated during the planning and implementation stages.  We expected to "catch them off guard" with any number of our complicated scenarios, but we never did.  Not only did they always have a solution, they actually understood what we were asking, why we were asking it, and how to manage it effectively.  Customer support has been equally professional, knowledgeable, attentive, and eager to assist with problems and/or offer solutions.

Brenda Legg
Payroll Administrator
Burr Forman LLP
Birmingham, Alabama

As the Payroll Administrator I am thrilled with the efficiency and ease of use that iNetTime provides us. The process we had when using paper time sheets took me two full days each week and multiple repetitive data entry work. Now, not only can I upload all the pay data information into ADP with a very limited number of key strokes, but I can also upload our client chargeable Overtime into our Time & Billing Software relatively quickly, with 100% accuracy every time.

The Attendance Accruals feature is great. Where once I did it all manually, time off requests are automated and each employee is now able to view their own records, providing a history, and they can see their current time off balances and anticipated early accruals at any given time. In addition, the Reporting capabilities are great. I am able to run a variety of reports that make it easy to stay on top of missing time sheets from employees and unapproved OT from Attorney’s/Managers. All of which can be exported to Excel, so that we may manipulate the data as needed.

As far as customer service, whenever I have a question both Tyche and Vijay respond very quickly via e-mail or phone call (whichever is most appropriate) and have helped us work through multiple scenarios with very effective results. No matter what issues we present them with, they come up with a solution. This product has made my job so much easier and has added an ever greater level of accuracy to my work.

Roberta J. Conover
Payroll Administrator
Goulston & Storrs
Boston, Massachusetts

We selected iNetTime after looking at several options, because they were the only company who designed their time and attendance programs specifically for law firms.  They understood the special needs of the law firm culture, which can be so different from the corporate world.  They were very open to customizing the program to meet our needs, while the other programs were, "here it is, take it or leave it" with no ability to make changes.

We were very happy with the installation and training process.  They held our hands every step of the way.  We had regular progress meetings, even months after the installation to continue to fine tune the program.  We were pleasantly surprised by the acceptance of the program by our staff.

Customer service and support have been excellent.  We can't believe how much easier the payroll process is now with iNetTime.

Darlene Hart, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP
San Diego, California

We selected iNetTime because of the way the product aligned itself perfectly to meet our needs. We were looking for a time and attendance system that was flexible for our various employee categories, could work well with our billing system, and could also align with our two payroll providers. We found iNetTime easy to use and easy to explain!

We are very happy with iNetTime. We have rolled it out to all of our staff in the US and Canada (13 locations) and it is working smoothly.

iNetTime has improved the firm's time and attendance process. Our office managers can now plan more carefully for vacation absences, the overtime approval process is much smoother, and the staff can be assured of the accuracy of their own time off records.

iNetTime's customer service has been great. They are very responsive and thorough. iNetTime has set up some custom forms for our Canadian personnel, which have been very helpful. I can't say enough about the high quality of the service we've experienced.

Liz Needleman
Director of Human Resources
Miller Canfield
Detroit, Michigan

We selected iNetTime because we were looking for a product that was more customized for law firms.

It has been absolutely great! No more adding time card totals, no more manually tracking each individual's time off and accruals. Our payroll used to take us a little more than two days adding time cards, then manually keying in each time card. Now we're able to view the time cards on line, click approve and voila! it's done. With iNetTime, we can approve and process time cards in a few hours. It has definitely streamlined our payroll process and now have the extra time to focus on other responsibilities.

The customer service and support is fantastic. I don't recall any situation when I was not able to send an email or make a phone call and have immediate assistance. We've been with iNetTime for several years now, and we still receive the same excellent customer service and support we did as a brand new client.

Myra Dahl
Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek
San Diego, California

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