Extended Leave

The missing piece in long term leave management.

Managing FMLA, determining eligibility and tracking extended leave is simple.  When employees are out on a leave of absence, the FMLA manager can generate timesheets, reallocate time off hours, manage intermittent leave, apply the correct amounts to the employee's available time off balances and accurately reflecting the leave.  The HR administrator can also view the date, number of instances, see the total hours worked in the last 12 months and in the current year to determine FMLA eligibility. The system will calculate the hours and track the FMLA instances.  At the discretion of the administrator, accruals and holidays can be temporarily stopped during the extended leave if appropriate. 

Intermittent leave can also be tracked and allocated to the correct leave types.  Reports can be generated to track time off and sick, vacation and FMLA, etc.

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