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Pay Periods per year:    
Number of Employees:     employees
Hourly Wage of Payroll Staff: $  / hour
Hourly Employees' Average Wage: $  / hour
Number of Hours in Work Week:     hours
Number of Work Weeks per Year:     work weeks
Time Spent Adding Up Each Time Card:     minutes
The American Payroll Association estimates it takes about 5 to 6 minutes to manually
total up and audit each employee's time card or time sheet. *
“Lost Time” per Employee per Day:     minutes
The American Payroll Association estimates up to ten minutes per day per employee
is lost due to tardy arrivals, early departures and long breaks/lunches.
Clerical Error Rate:     %
The American Payroll Association estimates a 1% to 8% clerical error rate when
totaling employee hours manually.

No More Manual Calculations

iNetTime time and attendance system will automatically calculate employees' hours including applying special rules for overtime, double time, make up hours, holiday pay, billable v. non-billable overtime, missed meal break penalties etc., saving your payroll staff the time of manual calculations.

Time Saved per Year:     hours
Annual Savings: $

No More Clerical Errors

The automatic calculations provided by iNetTime will virtually eliminate clerical errors in totaling employee hours, saving you the time and money necessary to correct these errors.

Annual Gross Payroll: $
Annual Savings: $

Reduce “Time Theft”

With iNetTime, you have the option to use the "honor system" or clock-in and clock out methods to track employees' in and out times reducing the potential for “lost time”.  We assume a conservative 50% reduction per employee per day.

Time Saved per Year:     hours
Annual Savings: $

Total Annual Savings

Compare this savings to the price of implementing iNetTime to see how quickly your new system can pay for itself and start generating a positive return on investment!

Total Annual Savings: $

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